Regular Taxi

4 Passengers and 3 regular suitcases max.

Reservation is available for long distance trip only.

For short trip, please call us or order by text or app when you are ready.
For how to order by text or app, please click here
▷ No pets (except service dogs) are allowed without cages for safety and sanitary
  reasons to follow the regulation, offence code a-3, B-17, 190-1.
▷ No drivers are allowed to transport an child under 4 years of age
  or 45 pounds without a car seat to follow the USFK regulation,
  chapter 4-8 driver responsibilities.
▷ Drivers can ask passengers who vomit in their cabs to pay a standard,
  city-approved fine of 150,000 won.
▷ Drivers who deliver any luggage without passengers are suspended
  for 30 days for penalty. It's illegal.

Service Area

Area 1 (Cp. Casey, Cp. Hovey)
Area 2 (Cp. Yongsan, K-16 AB)
Area 3 (Cp. Humphreys, Osan AB, Kunsan AB)
Area 4 (Cp. Walker, Cp. Henry, Cp. George, Cp. Carroll)

Airport Pick up

We need your contact number, flight number, full name, number of passengers and luggage, destination to arrange.
After clearing the customs, please come to our pick up point below.
Toll fee is your responsibility and it will be added to your taxi fare.

Pick up locations

Incheon Airport Terminal 1 Gate 1 by USO desk
Incheon Airport Terminal 2 Gate 6 by 7-11 store
Gimpo Airport (International) Gate 1 by information desk
Gimpo Airport (Domestic) Gate 6
Daegu Airport Gate 1

Dispatching Fee

▷ 1,000 won per taxi (2,000 won per taxi from 00:00 ~ 04:00 in Seoul city).
▷ It is waived at taxi stands but it can be charged during the facility is closed.

Regular Taxi Fare

▷ Even if you ride within 2 km of basic trip, idling charges will be applied
  additionally under 15 km/hour.
* Korean won, US dollars, and Credit Cards are acceptable.